Kingsley HealthCare is establishing a clinic and research facility in Australia, and we need your help to make this facility a reality. will show you the most recent findings of our work to date. We hope to have this clinic and research facility open and operational within months.

This facility will administer natural protocols along with IV Infusions and report on the progress of these protocols.

As main stream medicine does not believe that natural ingredients such as nutrients assist in the prevention or treatment of cancer, this facility will prove otherwise.

It is envisaged to one day roll out these clinics in every state in Australia, New Zealand and America. But first lets get one operational and start healing cancer patients with these incredible and beneficial nutrients.

Our protocols will be delivered in part by IV Infusions in a fast and efficient way that will slow and inhibit the growth of cancer.

(IV -  Intravenous Therapy)

Our protocols will consist of, but not be limited to:-


IV Curcumin Therapy


IV Artemisinin Therapy


IV Vitamin C Therapy


IV Glutathione Therapy


IV Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy


IV B17 (amygdalin) Therapy


IV Mistletoe Therapy


IV Sodium Bicarbonate


IV Selenium and Selenious Acid


IV Alpha Lipoic Acid